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Building Regulations

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Building Regulations

Professional advice and construction planning

In Britain today, gaining building permission for construction can be a nightmarish scenario because of the high number of building regulations that exist. It seems the only way to circumnavigate the murky waters of planning permission is with some professional advice.

Unfortunately, in most situations, the rules surrounding regulations are none too clear and most are judged on a case by case basis. Whether building permission is granted depends at least in part on:

  • What you are wanting to build?
  • Where your house is situated, i.e. is it in keeping with the neighbourhood?
  • Will the neighbours object to a new structure on your house (remember: if you build a large extension in your back garden it could invade their privacy)?
  • Are the plans structurally sound?

Local councils can be extremely strict when it comes to structures that have not been built according to building regulations. Structures that have been built without due planning permission or outside the bounds of existing rules can be destroyed by the council or, at the very least, be subject to alterations, all at the expense of the individual.

This is why professional advice and careful construction planning is necessary in these situations. It is only when you discuss your building work with an adviser that they will be able to tell you the various pit holes of building regulations and advise you on whether you even need building permission (some structures such as garden sheds may not be subject to the same rules). They can also help you make structurally sound plans for your house that are in keeping with the local environment and also with the house itself. Remember that most additions that you make to your building will be subject to strict scrutiny from the council and perhaps complaints from the neighbours as well. It is better to be the right side of the law from the start.

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