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Wallpaper – Yes or No?

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Wallpaper – Yes or No?

Advantages and disadvantages of wallpapering

Are you thinking of making some home improvements and are not quite sure whether to hang up wallpaper or paint your walls? Both options are good and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Putting up wallpaper can, at first, seem like a cumbersome job but if you consider the various advantages connected to wallpapering, you may change your mind.

One important advantage is that in ordinary conditions, wallpaper is destined to last longer than paint. Through advancements made in quality it can last longer and is more resistant to normal wear and tear, approximately five times more than paint. That makes it financially more viable than frequent paint retouching.

It is no longer a complicated and fiddly task. You can easily purchase ready, pre-glued paper which is very easy to put up and remove if you make any mistakes. Also if you wish to make a drastic makeover and remove your wallpaper, removal is now made very easy. Or you might want to just hang the wallpaper over the existing wallpaper. But it is best to ask a professional before doing that – you might end up with extra work if the first paper was not hung correctly!

If you are looking for a dramatic or romantic effect in your rooms, papering your walls is the best way to decorate. Solid colour paint will not compare next to patterned, textured, leather or wood-look wallpapering. And there are also borders to consider if you don’t want to have the same pattern over the entire wall. Borders can spruce up almost any wall.

As with most things in life, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore before endeavouring in such a task, do the research necessary. Check your home’s humidity levels, visit various manufacturers and ask for their expert opinion on the matter and make an educated decision on your findings. Many professionals are available for consultation or to do the entire job for you.

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