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Design for Workrooms

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Design for Workrooms

Functional and cosy home offices

Working from home, or telecommuting is certainly more and more of a common option these days.

However for good productivity, it is important to be sure that the workspace is adequate for the work to be done at home. The needs to be functional and cosy. It has to have proper lighting and the furniture necessary for the sort of work to be done there. But besides function, style is important as well. Wall colour, plants, and decorative accents are all important considerations.

Often the home office or workroom has dual functions; it might be a place for storage as well as a work space. It might be in an attic or basement. Commonly it is in a spare bedroom. These other uses for the space will play a large role on the other choices made.

So here are some important points to consider when setting up a home workspace:

  • Is the space suitable? Big enough, quiet enough?
  • What furniture is needed to make it a workroom?
  • Does the room need to serve a second function? Can both functions coexist in the space?
  • What wall colours work to serve both functions?
  • What is the budget for the necessary changes?

Those are a lot of items to consider. A qualified design professional can help with all these decisions, and they can by quite reasonable in price as well. The investment in design can have many long term positive consequences such as better use of the space and increased productivity. Being more efficient in the home office also means having more time for other fun things. Now add that to the time saved commuting. Getting the home office situated correctly can be challenging, fun, and ultimately, profitable!

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