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Strategies for Employee Motivation

Advantages and Challenges of Motivational Approaches

An important key to success in any trade is the motivation of the employees, since they are the motor that drives the business.

To start off, an appealing working environment in general can already make a noticeable difference to an employee’s attitude towards work. Even more important is the ability of team leaders to delegate responsibilities while respecting individuals‘ abilities, in order to gain maximum work output through positive motivation. This means that projects must be treated as challenges (in a positive sense) and individual strategies must be incorporated.

Another point that is extremely important in managing and motivating workforce is the use of praise and the allocation of profit. Of course everybody is always expected to do their best when they are being paid for their work; however, a certain element of recognition and praise for the amount of effort put into a job will have a great, positive effect on the employee. In this sense, creating a financial stimulus in the form of profit sharing can also be an advantage.

Following these simple tips can improve employees‘ productivity which, in turn, will pave the way for the company’s success.


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