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Tradesmen Etiquette: Methods of Communication

Do’s & Don’ts of Business Calls and Visits

Though methods of communication now rely heavily upon email, texting and all forms of social networking, nothing can beat the relationships formed with potential business clients or customers via a simple phone call or face-to-face conversation. The etiquette of a business call is paramount to creating a positive impression and ensuring further business. The following Do’s and Don’ts provide a succinct outline of how to approach and manage oneself in such a situation.

DO Plan Ahead: A beginning, middle and end is a good start. What are you looking to say or sell? Why should they listen or buy from you? How can you both take things further? How can the call or visit be followed up?

DO Introduce Yourself

DO Sound Positive: A positive attitude conveys confidence.

DO Listen: A key skill in business etiquette is the ability to listen. Answer any questions clearly and offer further explanations if needed.

DO Confirm Information and Privacy: If details have been exhanged, confirm that you have taken them down and guarantee you have permission to do so.

DO Action Your Call: Know the next steps. Will you call back in a couple of days? Will you follow up with an email? How can they reach you again?

DO Say Thank You: Always end by thanking the client for their time.

DON’T Put someone on hold without asking permission.

DON’T Answer your mobile during the conversation.

DON’T Interrupt your potential customer or colleague.

DON’T Go Off Topic: Stick to the subject matter. A business call should never become personal. Avoid meaningless chatter and never ask personal questions.

DON’T Raise Your Voice: At no point during a business call is it acceptable to raise your voice. If a disagreement should occur, remain calm and polite at all times.


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