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Advantages of New Windows

Profit from energy efficiency and higher security

Replacing old windows with modern ones brings a number of advantages, such as increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, increased security and better noise reduction.

Double-glazed windows are known to be particularly effective at reducing energy loss. As opposed to a single pane of glass that readily conducts heat from your house, double-glazing units consist of two separate panes of glass. The space in between is filled with argon gas, which further reduces heat loss through the window.
Energy efficiency is improved through the use of low-emissivity coatings that allow the heat from the sun to enter a room but prevent it from leaving.

Double-glazing can be combined with either uPVC or wooden frames. uPVC frames require the least maintenance and are extremely durable. Hardwood frames may be chosen for a more natural look, but they require regular maintenance to keep them attractive and durable. Softwood frames may also be used, although this should be avoided unless cost is a limiting factor, due to their relative lack of durability.

Modern glass panes are usually made from tempered or laminated safety glass. This means the chances of the glass shattering are considerably reduced. With double-glazed panes, even if one layer receives an impact capable of shattering it, it is not uncommon for the second layer to remain intact – this makes it harder for an intruder to break into your home. uPVC frames also usually feature secure closing and locking mechanisms, making it much harder for an intruder to gain entry by prying them open.

A final benefit of modern windows is external noise reduction. Compared to traditional single panes of glass, double-glazing is much more effective at reducing noise. This makes it especially appealing to those living in very noisy environments, such as busy roads or airports.

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