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Characteristics of Different Window Materials

How to choose from the wide range of windows

Renovating windows can sometimes be a tricky task. Choosing a particular material and design has become an even tougher task as new trends appear every year. Some benefits and drawbacks of the different possibilities available are considered below.

A wooden window may make the inside of the house very dark and is therefore not considered to be the best option in Britain. However, sometimes a window is more than just a source of natural light; it can add charm and beauty to rooms. Wood in itself is a very good insulator, which keeps the room warm; but it is important to note that maintenance of wood can sometimes be a problem as it is affected by climate conditions.

A plastic window allows light to pass through, giving even better clarity than glass windows. Plastic is more resistant than other materials thus has a longer life, as well as being fire proof.

An advantage of using aluminium windows is its strength, which provides increased levels of security. The great flexibility of aluminium allows it to get moulded into slim frames and its hard surface prevents any sort of denting or weathering. It can provide long lasting aesthetic appeal by being painted. Air infiltration or water penetration is rarely possible through aluminium. Also, it is sound absorbant!

Apart from the material, the design of the new window has to be considered in terms of the different extents of energy efficiency, ventilation and lighting possibilities. For more energy efficiency, fixed-pane windows would be recommended; whereas for better ventilation and lighting, bay bow window combinations would be a good idea.

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