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Different types of Roof Windows

The best view with dormer windows and skylights

There are a number of different window types suitable for fitting in an attic or loft space:

Skylights are by far the most popular type of roof window. As the glass is level with the slope of the ceiling, skylights typically allow more light into the room than other solutions and spread it more evenly around. As they are efficient at collecting solar radiation, this also helps to keep the room warm in winter. Skylights are typically hinged midway up the frame, allowing them to be easily opened and closed by pivoting it on the hinge.

Top hinged roof windows are fitted in line with the ceiling, similar to skylights. As the description implies, the hinge is located at the top of the frame, rather than midway up. This makes them less convenient to open and close but has the advantage that the window can be completely opened. This may be necessary to provide a feasible escape route for emergency situations such as house fires.

Dormer windows are built by adding a rectangular structure to a sloping roof. The dormer window replaces part of the existing structure and protrudes from the rest of the building. Vertical glass panels can then be installed with the dormer structure. The main advantage of dormer windows is that they can result in more usable space. They are therefore a popular choice for loft conversions where the slope of the ceiling would severely limit the usable space available.

If the side of the building is open to daylight, there is also the option of fitting traditional frames of your choice within the gable wall. Depending on the orientation of the building, this may not provide a sufficient amount of light when compared to the other options.

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