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Entrance Door – The First Impression of the House

Numerous possibilities for your entrance door

The entrance door of a house is both a gateway and a barrier and is designed to look inviting and accessible whilst being solid and robust enough to reject the unwanted. If windows are the eyes of a house, then the entrance door must be its hands – shifting from open and welcoming to shut and withdrawn.

An exterior door is also the first impression people get when visiting a house. Since visitors spend time waiting in front of the door, it is the first item of the house that gets their close attention. Therefore, it is definitely worth spending some time thinking about the right front door.

Nowadays, front door manufacturers offer many different designs and material, even customized varieties. The front door should be a perfect fit with the exterior design of the house – an embellishment, even. Therefore, design and material is very important when it comes to choosing the right door.

Of course, functionality is a major point of concern. Good thermal insulation and optimal adjustment should be combined with functional elegance. Additional value can be added through choosing the right lighting for the front door area. It creates the right atmosphere and puts the front door into perspective.

Lastly, the national front door market has seen a shift recently: green concerns are redefining the residential market. Many door products are now energy efficient and perform very well in all climates, which can reduce the energy bill for the customer.

All in all, a front door that provides the functionality required and suits the design of the building is truly an investment that increases the value of the house.

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