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Kitchen Solutions for Small Spaces

Efficient and Multifunctional Use of Small Rooms

Tackled correctly, a small kitchen area does not need to be cramped or unattractive.

Make sure you take into account the entire area available. This includes vertical space: stacked cabinets, cupboards or floor-to-ceiling, fitted pantry spaces work well. A small, foldable step ladder can be used to reach top shelves. Rotating units, drawers and pull-out shelving will increase storage and visibility inside cupboards.

A fridge-freezer, small sink and an oven with two hob rings instead of four will save space. Consider other elements of your kitchen than can be built-in. A built-in microwave and bin will save valuable surface and floor area. Concealed storage can be built underneath bench style seating and a fold-out kitchen table can be attached to a wall. A breakfast bar is a great option, as it can be used for food preparation, dining and storage. Collapsible chairs or high stools are also great space-saving ideas.

Get rid of appliances and gadgets that are rarely used, keeping just the essentials. You may be able to store some items in other areas of your home. Pans can hang from a rack suspended from your ceiling, as can a mesh basket, which can be filled with fruit. Mugs and utensils can hang from hooks in the wall, while baking trays and saucepans can sit neatly inside the oven when not in use. Overhead shelves work wonders and a high shelf that runs the length of the wall will keep items that are rarely used out the way, but also visible. Once again, this can be reached with a small step ladder.

Be aware of all available spaces! Gaps between cupboards, blank walls, bare surfaces or a few inches above a work area can all work well for storage.

It is also useful to consider lighting. Under-cabinet lighting will allow you to make use of dark areas, while carefully directed spot-lighting will open up the entire space.

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