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The Latest Tile Trends

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The Latest Tile Trends

Modern tiles come with technical improvements and natural looks

As peoples‘ style preferences change, so does the latest tile trend. Technological improvements in the manufacture of tiles provides customers with a larger choice of designs. Recent trends have shown a tendency towards more conservative designs with toned down effects and colours.

Natural stone tiles have become popular in recent years; the slight colour and/or pattern variations make each tile unique, and this can give an appealing rustic finish to a room. Different varieties of stone are available, all of which can be used to achieve a different effect. Slate tiles are usually a blue-grey colour and give a sleek classic appearance to a room, as well as being very durable. If something lighter is required, limestone tiles usually come in white and sometimes with a hint of colour. Travertine is another option that gives an attractively patterned finish that is similar to marble, at a fraction of the cost. For the ultimate in durability, granite tiles are available in a number of varieties. Different parts of the world produce different colours of granite and attractively patterned tiles in colours such as white, black, gold and red.

Mosaic tiling dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. These days mosaic tiling is usually manufactured by attaching the small mosaic tiles to a flexible mesh, making them much more affordable to install. By combining different varieties of natural stone on a single mosaic tile, manufacturers can produce numerous different designs. By combining mosaic tiles with standard tiles (for example by using mosaics for borders), different effects can be achieved. A great effect for your bathroom! The flexible mesh of mosaic tiles also makes them ideal for curved surfaces.

Other radical designs are also emerging. For example, coloured glass tiles can be used for very bold effects.

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