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Special Atmosphere on the Roof Terrace

Considering the pros and cons

There are many types of roof terraces and when choosing a certain type for your home, there is a range of advantages and disadvantages to consider; more than you would expect.

Firstly, you need to know exactly what you want. Do you envision a modern, romantic hideaway with ambience lights, tropical plants and Feng Shui or a rather subtle, calm, traditional hideaway to have a moment for yourself now and again? Some terraces can look more like verandahs or balconies, but some more like pergolas.

On a roof, you receive sunlight. Do you want shade? Umbrellas, outstretched sails or extending awnings could do the trick. Remember though: an umbrella might provide shade, but it might get in the way.

For the terrace, would you prefer tiles, polished wood, stone, brickwork (or other masonry) or just concrete? What sort of feel do you want to have when you spend time there? Some options might look prettier, but might be harder to clean, and vice versa.

Also, don’t forget the furnishings. Roof terraces are for leisure, relaxation, reading, brunches, evening drinks, stargazing, the list goes on. What would you like around you for those moments to make you feel the most comfortable? Along with a table and chairs you could have a small bench, a swing, deck/lounge chairs, (hanging) plants, a mini-fountain, a small garden, sand, some small statues or ornaments…again here, the list goes on. Furnishings can be nice, but the downside is always the cost and little things, no matter how little, can always add up.

As mentioned before: there are so many considerations, depending on purpose and intention. The atmosphere of your roof terrace comes down to the vision you have of it in your mind. If in doubt, you might consider some further consulting to make your terrace perfect.

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