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Terrace Plants – Small Garden on the Patio

Suitability and care

With the increase of urban living, terrace plants are becoming a more frequent choice for small gardens or an aid to the transformation of a compact space. The main function of any smaller garden is a place to entertain, relax and provide a beautiful view. By surrounding yourself with plants of all varieties, you are taking interior design outside and making your garden a continuation of your home. Designing and laying a terrace can be an arduous and difficult task – one which may be better left to professionals. However, decoration allows you to create your own unique space.

When dealing with a stone floor or exterior, it is best to try and use either Spillers or Creepers to take away the harsh cold look that stone can often exude when left bare. Spillers, such as Lady’s Mantle, Lavender or Coreopsis are ideal for softening hard edges and providing a light and airy exterior. Creepers will allow an attractive plant to grow through the gaps in brickwork and prevent weeds making an unwelcome appearance.

Containers are often the method of choice for many terraces as they can be conveniently changed. Strategically placed containers can also provide shelter and privacy. In addition to this, a trellis can also be used to provide a beautifully planted fence-like exterior.

Plants on terraces are much more exposed to any extreme weather conditions that may occur, meaning that any budding terrace gardener must try and understand the conditions present. During winter months, sudden frosts and cold snaps can hinder plant care. Ensure that all soils are well drained to prevent roots freezing and killing the plant. Providing wind-breaks during colder months will also help to prevent the plant from drying out at a time when it may not be able to replace its moisture due to frozen ground. With a little consideration and care, a terraced garden could become an easily maintainable place of beauty.

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