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Tile Adhesive Material

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Tile Adhesive Material

Durability for your tiles

One of the most important aspects to consider, regarding any type of tiling job, is the choice of adhesive material to be used, since this will determine durability as well as the appearance of the new surface.

There are many different materials and methods on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The best choice of tile cement depends mainly on the given circumstances.

Sometimes, especially in new houses, tiles will be laid on bare walls and floors. In other cases, particularly when renovating an older house, the decision may have been to leave old tiles in place, in order to avoid extra work and dirt. In this case a different type of adhesive material must be used.

  • Mastic
  • Mastic is the traditional form of tile adhesive. It forms a very strong bond and can fix heavy tiles securely on walls and even ceilings. However, this material requires some experience, since a fairly thick layer must be applied and it dries quickly, making repositioning of tiles during the procedure virtually impossible. Mastic is not suitable for floors.

  • Thinset
  • Thinset is a more practical alternative which, as its name suggests, only requires a thin layer of adhesive material, making it altogether easier to handle. It is suitable for walls, as well as floors. Generally thinset comes as a type of grey tile cement, but is also available in epoxy or even latex form, for particular purposes.

  • Peel and stick
  • Another easy-to-use alternative is the peel and stick form of tile adhesive. In this case, tiles including the adhesive material come on a mat. A protective layer is peeled off and the tiles can be transferred directly to the wall, hence the name „peel and stick“. This method is particularly practical for small tiles, such as mosaic tiles, since it can save a lot of time and effort. It is not suitable for tiling floors.

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