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Cleaning and Maintenance of Fireplaces

How to keep your chimney clean

The ideal time to clean your fireplace is when it will not be used for a while. For many, this is typically upon the onset of spring as the weather warms up. If the fireplace is used at least four times a year, it should be cleaned out once a year. Many are neglected for far longer than advised. Not only does this increase the risk of chimney and flue fires, it also increases the work needed. It is important to consider getting the job done before regular use ensues through winter months.

The correct collection of equipment and the utilisation of the right products will ensure an effective and long lasting job. Gloves, a dust mask and goggles should be worn. Though it may not seem too clogged from the outside, you will not know the extent of dirt and debris until you start cleaning.

The surrounding area must be well protected. Large dust cloths are suggested rather than a few sheets of newspaper. Though a vacuum cleaner will remove soot and ashes, home vacuum cleaners should be avoided as they are often not powerful enough and can easily become damaged and clogged. A professional, heavy duty vacuum is the best option.

A selection of chimney brushes and rods work far quicker and more effectively than improvised tools. They should fit the diameter of your chimney and have sturdy and spikey bristles – the poly chimney brush and wire bristle chimney sweep brush are industry standard and provide best results.

Once debris from the flue is removed and cleaned up, the cleaning of the actual fireplace can begin. Though a simple solution of vinegar or bleach with warm soapy water can work, the cleaning agent Trisodium Phosphate (contained in professional products) will work quickly and effectively and will require less scrubbing.

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