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Fuel – Fire Up Your Chimney!

Not only wood: There are different types of fuel for the fireplace

Fuel is used to power anything, from cars to airplanes. The most common types of fuels are petroleum, natural gas, straight vegetable oil and ethanol. However, only a few of the available types are recommended for use in fireplaces based upon their properties.

Wood pellet fuel is recommended for use in fireplaces since it is renewable and its ash can be recycled to fertilise parks or gardens. Its installation has been encouraged by the UK Government Energy Savings. Moreover, modern wooden stoves also have remote controls for electronic ignition. Running costs of such fireplaces are quite affordable; check for further information or purchase.

There is a lot of focus today on the use of ethanol as a fuel, mainly because it is a slightly cheaper and cleaner alternative to wooden stoves, as well as being renewable. Ethanol exists in many different forms, depending on the percentage of gasoline added to it. Its different mixtures are recommended for different purposes, ranging from use in a vehicle to use in a fireplace. Compared to wood or coal, it is environmentally friendlier. It does not release any sort of toxic fumes when burned and thus no ventilation is required, subtracting any costs of chimney installation in house construction. Further information with regard to installation of such fireplaces is available on

The use of coal and gas in fireplaces was also once popular, however they were comparatively much less cost efficient and contributed to air pollution and global warming. Therefore, they were replaced with ethanol and wood stove fireplaces to a great extent in Britain.

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