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Basic Equipment for a Home Office

The importance of room choice, furniture and equipment

If you want to work efficiently from home, setting up your home office should a carefully planned project. The first step is to select the area where you will set up your office. Ideally you want to find a quiet area that is removed from the normal activities of the other residents of your home, so you can work with minimal disruption. You will also want this area to have an ample supply of natural light, as this will help you stay alert when working for long periods of time. Naturally you will also need enough space to fit in all the furniture and equipment you will require.

After selecting the area you will use for your home office, you need to ensure it has easy access to all the utilities you need. In most cases this will mean having access to electricity, a phone line and Internet. If the area does not have access to electricity, you will need an electrician to install power sockets. Wireless solutions are available for both phone and Internet access, but distance constraints might rule these out. In this case, fitting physical wiring for phone and computer networking may be required.

The next consideration is the furniture. The basic requirement for any home office is a desk and a chair. As you will be working for long periods of time, be sure to obtain a suitably comfortable office chair. Consider other furniture you may require to work effectively; for example, will you need shelving for storage or filing cabinets to organise documents?

Finally, give thought to the equipment that you will require. Most home working environments will include at least a computer and a phone. Think about what else you will need to work effectively. Examples of other equipment you might wish to have include a printer, fax machine, document shredder and an answer phone.

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