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Control Systems For The Conservatory

Shading, heating and ventilation in the winter garden

Cosy in the Conservatory: 5 top tips on creating a winter garden getaway

In the UK, we accept that our winter is likely to consist of a few days‘ drizzle in between the chilly nights. This can be a problem for conservatories, which are designed to heat up quickly on sunny days and retain the warmth during the evening. Here are five essential tips to help transform your summer alcove into a cosy cave for winter:

  1. Early Planning
  2. If possible, incorporate your heating arrangements into the design of your conservatory. Underfloor heating and Trench Heating (installed into the floor at the base of the windows) are particularly cost-effective and feel deceptively decadent, but both require early consideration.

  3. Placement
  4. Portable electric radiators appeal as potential space-savers. In reality, they are a ‚reactionary‘ method of heating, which can result in the unpleasant choice between constant supervision or high operating costs. Wall-mounted electric radiators usually incorporate their own thermostats and there are many slim, stylish designs available. Maximise efficiency by seeking advice on the ideal radiator placement for your conservatory’s volume and layout.

  5. Shading
  6. Blinds and curtains also insulate against heat loss, but be sure to shop around. If you want to make the most of the limited winter light, transparent solar laminates will reduce glare and improve insulation, while allowing those all-important UV rays through to your potted plants. Always consult an expert before selecting any winter blinds-system to make sure your external fittings won’t warp in the trapped heat.

  7. Airflow
  8. To prevent stifling heat and protect plants from dehydration, consider installing ceiling-fans. Think about incorporating them into your heating plans to redistribute warm air which collects in the roof.

  9. Proper ventilation is a legal requirement
  10. Guidance on the minimum ventilation requirements for new and existing conservatories can be found in the Building Regulations 2000. If possible, speak to an experienced designer to avoid expensive refitting.

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