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Hues and Ingredients: Glycerin vs. Acrylic

Characteristics of different types of colours

Of all the available media, acrylic paints are notorious for rapid drying, which makes them ideal for interior design or certain styles of painting. However, for artists who wish to return to a mixed acrylic colour, this can pose some problems. Some artists choose to add glycerine as a ‚retarding agent‘ to keep paint wet, which is not advisable.

Commercially, glycerine is viewed as sub-par to glycol-based retarders in acrylics. Though it seldom affects the quality of different colours in application, glycerine remains trapped within the paint film and leaves the surface ‚tacky‘ (not fluid) for weeks or even months. As a result, dust and debris will collect and stick to the surface, dulling the hue.

A huge variety of hues are available pre-mixed from suppliers, but most colours can be achieved if the artist has access to the following: Titanium White, Black, Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Umber, Aquamarine and Cerulean Blue.

However, artists who wish to order paint of a non-standard colour (or one achieved by mixing) can now take advantage of the standardised Pantone matching system. After making a visual comparison between the mixed colour and the scale, the artist only needs to write down the associated number and place an order with the supplier.

The quality and strength of acrylic paints can be judged by the quantity of ‚filler‘ chemicals and the quality of the pigments. The price of paint is a genuinely revealing factor in this, but personal stylistic preference leads many artists to success with less expensive brands.

Matte acrylic paints are the exception to this rule. These require an additional medium to be added to the mix, to prevent the glossy sheen associated with plastic-based acrylic paint. Matte wall paints are especially chosen emulsions of acrylic paint and other chemicals.

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