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The best way to remove graffiti

There are three methods of graffiti removal: chemical, sodium and thermal. To remove graffiti safely and efficiently, always hire a professional. A professional graffiti removal company is the only way to guarantee the complete removal of all the colour. Before choosing a method of removal make sure that you always take into account what area the graffiti is on and the type of surface you need to remove the colour from.

When using a chemical method you should look for a company that uses an environmentally friendly chemical removal process. A professional company will use a special pressure washer that is equipped with a full water recovery system and spray the graffiti. The colour is removed in the water solution and all excess water is contained, so that the company can fully dispose of it in a safe manner, in accordance with wastewater disposal regulations.

When using the sodium treatment removal method, the company hired will use sodium bicarbonate to decrease the colour exposure – this method has to be done by a professional. Sodium bicarbonate is a good environmental choice; however, you do need to be aware that this method could kill any kind of plant life that is exposed to its large amounts of salt. This method is also highly effective for removing the whole graffiti with only one application.

Another method to remove graffiti is thermal removal. Thermal removal consists of hot steam, which is applied to the coloured area. The hot steam may have to be applied a few times to remove the graffiti. This method is extremely friendly to the environment. A professional company will have to be hired for thermal removal, as it requires a special machine that produces steam hot enough to remove colour; thus, this method is only safe on very hard surfaces – nowhere that may melt.

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