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What should be kept in mind

Health Risks, Legal Concerns and How to Avoid Them

Fortunately, there are very few health risks associated with sealant. However, some solvent-based varieties may release vapour during drying and it is always advisable to ensure that the area is well ventilated during application. The best recommendation is simply to practice ‚good hygiene‘, such as avoiding contact with eyes, washing hands with soap after application (skin allergy sufferers should wear rubber gloves), not consuming internally and keeping products out of the reach of children and pets.

While there are no specific legal provisions regarding sealant procedures in private homes, landlords and employers should strive to replace any frayed, yellowing or missing sealant and seek advice if in doubt. For all parties, as always, it is a matter of considering potential health risks (tripping hazards, potential damp problems, fume inhalation, etc.) and avoiding them.

For asthmatics and allergy sufferers, some distributors offer ‚eco-friendly‘, vapour-free sealant which can be ordered online or through a craftsman. Similarly, there are environmentally-friendly options manufactured from renewable sources by companies who pledge to ‚think green‘ across their whole range of colours. Owing to a lack of demand, these are seldom available to the casual home-owner, but they may be ordered via major home-improvement stores or through a craftsman.

Colour Matching

If colour is a concern, be aware that some sealants may change colour when they dry and the shade may vary from that shown on the packaging (due to the difference between materials.) For best results, colour-match (a service offered by most craftsmen and major distributors) is recommended. Bare in mind that external paving stones ‚effloresce‘ naturally (causing white salty deposits across the surface) and sealant may exacerbate the problem if applied too soon or during the wrong climate conditions. The best action is to check with an expert to avoid unsightly pale blotches.

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