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Sauna – Melt Your Stress Away

Sauna is the best way to relax

Saunas may be considered as a means of providing wellbeing. However, they bring about many health benefits too, as proved by research. There are several types of saunas in use today with different characteristics to meet the demands of different users.

  • Smoke and wood stove saunas are most commonly used in Finland. In smoke saunas, wood is burned and the smoke fills up the room causing the temperature to rise. In wood stove saunas, a metal stove is heated with birch wood fire. Scent and music are important for the Finnish sauna.
  • A conventional sauna differs from steam baths; they use dry heat. Moreover, conventional saunas are heated with stones placed on a heater and moisture is allowed to dissipate.
  • Infrared saunas have almost become an imperative part of wellness packages provided at different hotels today. Here, infrared heaters are used to emit radiant heat.
  • Eco saunas are a recent trend. A reduction of 70% of the new-growth lumber fuel was achieved through innovative use of alternative base materials and elimination of production waste materials.
  • Organic saunas can be particularly pleasant. Here, natural aromas are poured onto hot rocks at a comparatively lower temperature than in other saunas. Carbon Far Infrared heaters are commonly used for heating the saunas.
  • Portable folding saunas basically heat bath enclosures that allow the users to carry out other daily activities at the same time, such as reading, talking on the phone or watching television. Infrared is the most common heating source in these saunas.

With the proper insulation, the different kinds of saunas can easily be installed in the room of a house. An expert can give valuable help in figuring out the individual needs and requirements and draw up an estimate on installation costs.

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