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Communication Between Tradesman and Customer

Essential tips to reach a broad market

Reaching a broader market rapidly and efficiently has become more vital than ever for craftsmen and freelancers alike.

We have to admit that the internet age has completey altered our environment and everyday life. Computers, mobile phones and lately TVs enable us to connect to and explore the internet, which is undoubtedly the primary source of information today.

It is paramount to provide customers and companies a channel of easy communication within the web. Creating and hosting a website is one of the best ways to promote your business, as it is conveniently accessible from virtually anywhere. There are some great possibilities for compiling a professional-looking website on your own. Some of the top choices include WordPress (, the template-based free blog tool; or applications like iWeb ( and RapidWeaver ( A good business website should have easy navigation and legibility.

Businessmen need to streamline e-mail contact to be able to work more productively and time-efficiently. The use of services, like Gmail from Google or Microsoft Exchange, in conjunction with software such as Apple’s Mail or Microsoft Outlook, can dramatically reduce the time and effort put into the communication between businesses and customers.

Technology aside, occasionally it is necessary to use „obsolete“ methods of communication, such as letters. Your business letter writing skills should be top notch too.


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