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Underfloor Heating – Cold Feet Are A Thing Of The Past

Advantages and disadvantages of floor heating

Underfloor heating is becoming a widely-used system in both new buildings and older houses. As with all home improvements, there are of course things to consider before making your final decision.

Both electric and water-based underfloor systems can be used in the home. Water-based systems typically heat the water to a lower temperature than that of central heating and are often found to be a cheaper alternative – thus working well for those looking to keep costs to a minimum or using high efficiency boilers.

The type of flooring you choose for your house affects how the underfloor system is laid and installed. When combined with wooden floors the pipes can be laid conveniently between the joists – although attention must be paid to the moisture content of any timber used before installation, this is something that can be easily arranged and discussed with the manufacturer or floor fitter upon purchase. When combined with a tiled floor, the installation pipes can be placed within the tile adhesive, due to its flexibility.

There are many benefits to installing this system, such as removing the need for wall-mounted radiators and giving the home-owner more flexibility on the placement of furniture and interior design. However, as with anything, there are of course some drawbacks. Being underfloor means it can have a relatively slow start-up response in comparison with radiators. This drawback may, however, be seen as an advantage to some as this means it also takes the same amount of time to cool down, leaving a residual heat for some time after being turned off.

It is easy to see why underfloor heating is now becoming the choice for many; warming a large area at a lower temperature, creating perfect background heat, possibly at lower cost, making for a perfectly content customer.

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