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Gleaming Tiles – Cleaning and Maintenance of Tiles and Joints

A dazzling appearance for your tiles

Keeping your tiles gleaming is important, to maintain a clean and appealing appearance. Regular cleaning can mean avoiding complete renovation of the tiling later on.

After grouting the tiles, it is important to remove any excess grout from the surface of the tiles while it is still fresh, while taking particular care around the joints. When the grout has dried, any remaining grout on the surface of the tiles may be removed using a damp cloth and a plastic scraper. If unglazed tiles have been used, it is recommended to apply one or more coats of a suitable sealant. This will help protect the tiles and make for easier maintenance. The final step is to polish the tiles.

Over time, the tiles and joints may start to accumulate black mould and stains. In general, it is best to use the mildest possible solution when cleaning, as harsher chemicals may affect the colour of the tiles and joints. Similarly, where possible, a non-abrasive cloth should be used to avoid damaging the tiles. Commercial cleaning services will have expertise in dealing with the various chemicals that are suitable for different types of tiles, which may be the best option in order to maintain tiled surfaces.

Occasionally a tile may be too heavily soiled or physically damaged, in which case it needs to be replaced completely. In order to do this, the grout needs to be removed from around the tile using a grout saw. The damaged tile should then be broken up carefully using a hammer and chisel before being pried off with a stiff blade. The surface underneath can then be cleaned, ready for the installation of the replacement tile.

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