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Event Checklist

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Event Checklist

How to make your event unique and memorable

A birthday party, a formal reception, a gala or a wild rave all require a certain amount of event planning and there can be much more involved than you would expect.

The following checklist will guide you through the event planning process:

  1. Budget: Some of the items in this list will require payment and the more money you have available, the more options you will have to choose from.
  2. Schedule: Are certain events going to happen at certain times? Depending on the event there might be a speech, a presentation, a ceremony, etc. and these need to be planned to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  3. Location: Where is your event going to be? Will you be charged a rental fee? If so, make sure it is included in your budget. Choice of location is again a decision which is based upon the purpose of the party.
  4. Guest list and invitations: Who do you want to be there – is the guest list closed or open? What kind of first impression do you want your guests to have of the event? Invitations by post or over the Internet? Will bouncers be necessary?
  5. Equipment hire: Sound system, projector and screens? Figure out what you need well in advance, make any rental arrangements and include this in the budget.
  6. Photography/video: To remind people later how great the night was!
  7. Catering: Four-course meal or buffet? Are you willing to pay for service personnel? Again, this depends on the event but it is vital to plan in advance.
  8. Music: Make sure you choose it appropriately and there is someone in charge of it. Keep the budget in mind if you want a DJ.

As you can see, there are many considerations, but if thoughtfully planned out, they will guarantee a very successful event. Consulting an external source may be a good idea if you want some professional help.

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