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Astonishing Colour Effects

Waxing and staining concrete creates stunning results

Applying industrial colours and finishing materials has transformed the design and look of many modern-style homes. For example, waxing and staining concrete creates stunning effects for floors or staircases.

Concrete can be stained with many colours; just add the right lighting and what might have been plain, ordinary or even dull, can become a showpiece.

For anyone wishing to experiment with this material, research will swiftly make it clear that what is needed is that “special something” that shows it has an artisan’s touch. A quick did-you-know list could be a guide to deciding how to achieve that goal.

Here are some more tips:

  • If your concrete has been buffed or sealed, it has to be cleaned and sanded before the staining process begins
  • Concrete stain is acid-based. Children and pets must be kept away from the work area
  • Staining is a multi-step process and can take up to seven days to complete

Waxing not only protects the surface of stained concrete, it also makes it look glossy and fresh. Colouring existing bricks can also produce interesting results, whether the style of the house is modern or traditional.

A tin of paint and a brush might spring to mind, but technology and a professional hand can provide far better colour effects. A process called ‚weathering‘ will give bricks an aged appearance while trickier jobs, such as matching existing brickwork, may call for the use of cement dye.

Modern technology, used in a creative way, can now transform mundane materials into true eye catchers, with which the value of any home can be increased.

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