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Creating a Garden Oasis

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Creating the garden you’ve always wanted is easier than you think! The best place to start is by determining when and how you will use it. Do you want it maintained seasonally, or just for the summer? This is important in terms of up-keep and in deciding if you want to hire someone to look after it on a regular basis.

Other important factors to consider:

How will you use the garden? Is it for your personal relaxation? Or, is it for entertaining?  Will children/pets be playing there? How the space will be used should effectively influence the design.

Housing and Size
Do you have a large amount of land in the countryside? Or, do you have a small, limited space in the city? Do you live in a Conservation Area? If so, there may be regulations with regard to which plants and colours you can use. Additionally, if you rent, make sure you check with the property owners before you begin.

There are many garden themes and styles to choose from. Do you want specific colours? Do you prefer green or flower-based gardens? Do a bit of research on which style is most appealing to you and best matches your home: Japanese or Woodland? Geometric or wild? Any style can be made to fit any budget!

How big of a job will this be? Do you want to spruce up an existing garden, or are you looking at major landscaping?

Once you have selected a garden style that suits you and your living area, it’s time to hire a gardener or landscaper. A professional gardener or landscaper can help you get the most out of your space, whatever your budget.

Things to remember when choosing a gardener/landscaper:

-You should have an idea of what you want beforehand, but be open to the suggestions and ideas of the gardener/landscaper. A good gardener/landscaper will work with you to achieve your vision while maintaining your budget.

– Even if you have a solid plan, you will very likely need an on-site consultation, so that soil, dimensions, design ideas and other details can be assessed and discussed.

What are you waiting for? Get started here!


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