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Checklist for a Trade Show

Planning and attending a trade fair – what must be considered

There are numerous ways to go about organising a trade show; however, the following points should always be considered:

The first step is to create a plan for the year, considering what you want to be achieved and identifying the target audience. Upon deciding on a budget, decisions should be made with the appropriate expenses in mind. All costs of the event must be calculated and summarised in order to achieve the best possible effect, while staying within the requested financial boundaries.

The next step is to create appropriate promotional material and brochures, taking into consideration the target audience and various costs – attracting the wrong audience could bring negative effects to the company. Here, professional appearance is vital in order to attract the desired clientele and efforts should be made to ensure that the material is simultaneously attractive and informative.

Vouchers for drinks and snacks can provide an additional incentive for potential visitors, but should be used with care, bearing in mind the target audience to be attracted by the trade show and the costs of the event.

There are endless possibilities to gain attention and appeal to a defined target audience with the aim of increasing sales – use your creativity! Sometimes simple ideas prove to be the best, whereas ideas that turn out to be too complicated can have the reverse effect.

There is no simple recipe for a successful sales show, but following the advice above can give you that little push in the right direction.


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