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Lighting up your Garden

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Let there be light

When it comes to ideas for the outdoors and lighting your little oasis of relaxation, there are two big questions that you might want to consider:

First, are you concerned about the environment?

If so, then solar-powered garden lights are exactly what you are looking for. Since their energy comes from the sun, they are also easy to install, as they do not require an electrical connection. If the environment is not your main concern, you can always opt for normal electric lights or even fuel-powered lights; both have advantages and disadvantages. The fuel that comes with fuel-powered lights requires special attention seeing as it is highly flammable. However, the charming light these lights provide will make it all worthwhile.

If you enjoy practicality, then normal electrical lights are probably more appropriate, as they enable the garden to be illuminated at the touch of a button.

Secondly, ask yourself which style fits you better.

You have a variety of choices: deck lighting, lamp posts, landscape lights, rope lights, up lighting, down lighting and more. It all depends on what you want to express with your lighting. If you want to easily find your way to that quiet corner in the back of the garden where you watch the stars at night, then some nice lamp posts alongside the path would surely be a good choice. If you want all your visitors to admire your flowers, landscape lights would be ideal.

The answer to these questions is completely a matter of taste and personality. Go outside, sit on the bench, relax, look around and think about which type of garden light would make you want to spend the entire evening there.

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