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Customised Tile Formats

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Customised Tile Formats

Make your tiling unique

Thinking about selling your home? Tired of the same old outdated look? Maybe what you need is a simple home makeover.

If you make an assessment of where you spend most of your time you might be surprised to find that the kitchen is not just the room where you prepare your meals. Nowadays, the kitchen is often the hub of all activities that occur in your home, so why not transform this area into your home’s showplace? There are many styles to choose from, ranging from simple tiling accents to brighten-up the room to extensive renovation to capture the feel of a particular era. Visiting a designer or even your local hardware store is a good first step, especially when there is software that can generate models of what your room can be transformed into. All you need to bring to the table are the room dimensions and an idea of what you wish to create and trained professionals will take care of achieving your desired look and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Not only will you look forward to spending more time relaxing in your kitchen, you can make it a social center for entertaining friends and family.

You may be asking yourself at this point, „sure, I’m excited, but is this really affordable?“ Yes, it is! A trip to your local home improvement center or DIY shop might be surprising. You can get that „custom“ look of marble and imported Italian tiles at a fraction of the cost by choosing an alternative material such as concrete, which has a color additive to offer a tile-like appearance. Current innovations and technologies using substitute materials can fool even the most discerning eye into believing you spent a fortune on your decor.

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