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Which Material Should Your Door Be Made Of?

Benefits and Care

Choosing a particular material for doors during construction of a house can be a tricky task. Wood, plastic and glass are all good possibilities, but which one would a perfectionist choose? Let us consider the pros and cons of each of these materials.

Wood is the most common material used for making doors, not only in Britain but worldwide. Wood provides great strength considering its weight; it is opaque, can be fabricated into any shape and size and is not greatly affected by climate. Unlike plastic, wood is renewable. It is also considered a better insulator compared to other materials, keeping the interior warm in winter. Furthermore, wood is a good sound absorbent and therefore suitable for offices where disturbances must be kept to a minimum.

Plastic has its own benefits. It is lighter than glass and wood, provides resistance to moisture and chemicals and it is anti-corrosive and tough. As a result, plastic has a longer life compared to most other materials and door manufacturers often give them a guarantee of as long as 10 years. They can also be coloured in order to make them opaque like wood. However, they cannot resist harsh environmental conditions, thus are best used indoors only. Unlike wood, plastic is non-renewable and by no means environmentally friendly.

Glass is another option to consider, based on the beauty and charm it adds to any doorway in a particular home or office. It is moisture resistant, does not corrode, and is easy to clean. It is also heat resistant. However, it is fragile and see-through, therefore some people abstain from choosing it over wooden or plastic material.

It is clear that each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. It is simply a case of choosing which one best suits your needs. Therefore you should also consider the type of door, like entrance door or interior door.

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