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Lighting Your Home

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to change the look of a room – start with the light fixtures!

A simple fixture-swap can take a room from Victorian Country to Art Nouveau in no time.  There are, however, many factors to consider when choosing lighting for a room:

Do you want it to be well-lit, or are you aiming for a low-light ambient look? What colour and texture are the walls? This will greatly impact how much light is reflected.  Does the room have large windows, or none at all? It’s best to assess the room and then make a list of what you are seeking and what the room offers in terms of natural light, and then go forward with adding fixtures.

Once you’ve chosen your lighting fixtures, you will need to install them. If your new light fixture requires any electrical work, you will need a tradesman to take care of installation. Be sure to allow only a fully-qualified electrician to undertake such installations. MyHammer can help you find a tradesman for the job!

Once you’ve had new light fixtures installed, it’s important to maintain them for maximum efficiency. Build-up from dust can make your lighting less effective both in terms of the light emitted and the fixture itself. Do a regular check of all lights and fixtures in your home to ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

•    When possible, use energy-efficient lamps
•    Keep all fixtures and lamps free of dust and build-up (but not when the lamp is on!)
•    Replace lenses when they begin to yellow
•    Replace all lamps in a multi-lamp fixture at the same time (you can always use the others elsewhere)
•    Wash walls regularly (dusty walls reflect less light)

Should you run into any problems, do not attempt lamp repair on your own. Electrical matters are best left to professional electricians.


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