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Repairing Electronics

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We’ve all been there – TV has sound but no picture,  or your fully-charged mobile won’t turn on. Frustrating and time-consuming issues!

Here are a few tips for dealing with malfunctioning (or non-functioning) electronics:

Try to diagnose the problem yourself. Don’t do anything drastic, just run through the basic troubleshooting steps as outlined in the manual that came with the device.

Don’t DIY
Unless you’re qualified, stay away from the wires!  Whether it’s a mobile phone or a TV – if you don’t have the proper training and qualifications you’re likely to do more damage than good (possibly even to yourself!).  It troubleshooting fails, call a professional.

Get Quotes
Take a look at the options in your area. Get various quotes from tradesmen and women and compare your options. If it’s a larger device, such as a TV, see if the handyman or woman will come to your home to take a look.

Don’t Throw it Away!
If your device is beyond repair that doesn’t mean it has no value. There could be plenty of still-functioning and useful parts. Try to sell or recycle it.

If you’re looking for a handyman or woman for an electronic repair or TV repairclick here!

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