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Renovate or Build New?

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If you’re planning a change of home environment, but are undecided as to whether you should renovate your current property, or start from scratch with a new build, here are some pros, cons and general points to keep in mind for both options:

If you’re renovating to sell, consider which improvements have the most/least payback. It’s not worth investing thousands into a kitchen that will ultimately have no effect on the sale price. Unless you’re a professional, don’t DIY, as you could decrease the value of your home.

A reno bonus is that you may be able to stay in the home while work is completed (if not, the wait-time in another dwelling is likely to still be shorter than that of a  new build). If a cost- assessment is undertaken, there are also likely to be fewer hidden costs with a renovation, but beware of “upgrades” (that is, the temptation to replace things such as appliances that don’t need replacing and were not included in your budget).

A new-build will allow you to completely control the layout and details of the property in a way that isn’t always possible with a reno. It can also mean that energy-effiency is more easily achieved than with retrofitting. There are a number of things to consider, though, before deciding to go this route:

•    Do you have a building lot?
•    How much work does the property need (cost assessment) before you can get started with the building?
•    Do you want a smaller/larger building than your current dwelling?
•    What is your budget?
•    What is your timeframe?
•    Look into regulations, permissions and possible grandfather clauses
•    Consider the Green Deal and its implications (requirements present and future)

To help you weigh your options, The Build Store has a handy cost estimator tool – check it out here.

Whether you want to build new or renovate old, it is of utmost importance to start your project by consulting the Planning Portal. Once you’ve established your permissions, start looking for the right tradespeople and service providers for your project!


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