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Winter Gardening

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Just because it’s frosty outside doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon the garden!

What can you do now to ensure that your garden is in tiptop shape for Spring?

Get planning
What do you want from your garden? If you’re new to the gardening game, do your research. Find out which plants will work best in your area, with your soil. Are you growing veg? Flowers? Maybe both? Consider hiring a gardener to help you design and establish your first garden. If you rush into it without proper planning, you are likely to be very disappointed with the results. A bit of research will go a long way!

Get organised
Keep your garden tool space clean, with everything ready to go once the warmer weather hits. Assess last year’s items and inventory (such as seeds, for example) and sort out what you need to buy/replace.

Get planting
Some plants, such as chicory and rhubarb, can be force-started as early as January. You can also start onions and seed potatoes. Dig over the soil of empty beds and clear away any debris. Don’t forget to keep mulching!

There are plenty of useful sites that offer gardening tips and advice. A great place to start is the BBC Gardeners’ Calendar.

Their Gardening Year Planner is a great tool for getting your garden into shape!

Once you’ve got a plan, find the right gardener/landscaper to get your garden started!


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