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If you are considering a move, the option to build your own home is an increasingly viable one.

The Minister for Housing and Local Government, Grant Schapps, recently noted that “The average cost of a ready-made home is now more than £232,000, but a budget of £150,000 is usually adequate to build a three to four-bedroom house…“*

How can you turn your dreams of owning a home into reality?

Find A Plot
If you do not already own a plot for your build, you will need to allow yourself plenty of time (for some this means years) to find that perfect spot. Ask around, search databases – research, research, research!

Budgeting and Financing
If you do not have your own savings to buy a home (as is the case for most self-builders), you must consider how you will raise the finances, and how you will budget/manage costs throughout the project. Perhaps you are selling your current home or property – or you might take out a mortgage. In any case, a somewhat flexible and well thought out budget is the key to a successful self-build project.

How Will You Build?
Will you undertake some of the work yourself? Remember that unless you have professional training, this is not recommended, as you will likely end up spending through your budget just to fix botches. You might also consider hiring contractors or developers. Another option is to buy a kit-home, or maybe a community build is more appealing to you. Once you’ve decided, you then need to consider which materials to use. Research your options thoroughly and don’t jump the gun.

How Long Will It Take?
And equally important to ask: Where will you live in the meantime? If you are selling your current home, you’ll need to make sufficient arrangements for the duration of the build. You might consider renting a flat, or storing your furniture and flat-sharing with friends or family. Whichever arrangement you choose, be sure to give thought to changing timeframes and have a plan in case the build goes over schedule.

There are many sites out there that can help, but your best starting point is The Self Build Portal.

*The Self Build Portal has a feature that allows you to enter your postcode and offers an estimate of the cost of a self build in your area.


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