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We all know that asbestos is bad news. Time and again, we hear stories of asbestos exposure. Thankfully, headway is being made, but there is still far to go.

The first step, as they say, is awareness. Learn the basics about asbestos here.

From offices and warehouses to apartments and houses, any building in the UK completed before the year 2000 could potentially contain asbestos.

Find out more about where it may be found, and what to do if you find it, on the “Hidden Killer” website. If you will be undertaking renovations, it is important to first have an asbestos survey done on your property.

Landlords and tradesmen have particular responsibilities when it comes to dealing with asbestos:

• The HSE provides a useful checklist to assist you in the management of asbestos in your buildings (.pdf).
• You can learn more about the “Duty to Managehere.

From electricians to plumbers and everything in between – there are many resources available to tradespeople with regard to dealing with asbestos:

Non-licensed Asbestos Work
Asbestos Licensing
What To Do If You Discover Asbestos On-site
Equipment and Methods

Asbestos can affect anyonetradesmen, landlords and homeowners alike. Be asbestos aware!


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