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Don’t let the little things get away from you!
Keep your home up-to-par with these top-tips from Anglian Home Improvements:

Your family home can age on you almost as if by magic. When you spend every day in it you won’t even notice the signs of wear and tear which starts to show in it. It might not be until someone else mentions to you that the house is starting to look a bit tired that you even realise it. If that is the case then what can you do about it?

Check Out the Odd Jobs
As a property gets older one of the most noticeable side effects is the number of niggling little jobs which appear all over it. If you haven’t done a lot to it over the last few years then the chances are that there are drips to be fixed, cracked to filled in, draughts to be gotten rid of and all sorts of other little jobs. They might be small jobs individually but the overall effect of sorting them all out can make a difference to how the place looks.

Fit Smart New Windows
Old windows with single glazing and rotted frames make any house look out of date. If you are going to put in some more modern frames then you will probably want to ad double glazing to them as well. As well as the better image they give, they will also help cut down your heating bills. There are lots of models to choose from now and the Anglian Home site is a good place to check out which ones could suit you.

Fix the Garden
One of the parts of the house which tends to age most quickly is the garden. If you haven’t been taking care of it then it is probably filled with weed, high grass and possibly even rubbish. The size of it and the level of disorder in it will determine how long you need to spend on tidying it up, but with any luck it will only take a weekend of hard work.

Think About the View
What do people who pass your house see? One of the worst parts of many properties is the garage. This is a place which many of us neglect to look after, yet it is usually in a highly visible area. Your first step might be to get a new garage door which looks good and is smoother to open as well. After this, a quick paint job could finish it off for you and give you a garage to be proud of.


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