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This Guest Post comes courtesy of Fireco Ltd.

If your business is in a fast paced environment where people constantly walk from one end of the building to the other, having to push through heavy fire doors does not make life much easier for anyone. Chances are you probably already have all your fire doors propped open for easy accessibility, but that happens to be illegal. Why? Because if there was a fire the spread if the smoke and flames that could be prevented if the fire doors were shut properly would cause unimaginable damage to your business and property. The shocking truth is it will kill too. Fire doors are there for a reason and unless they are used properly you’ll lose out on insurance claims and end up with a lot more mess and wreckage than without.

Luckily there is a solution, a way you can keep fire doors open but ensure they are shut if there is a fire. Fire door retainers are a wonderful little way to keep your fire doors open in the work hours and shut during fire alarms and at night. You can fit them to the bottom of your fire doors and they come in many different colours to blend in with their environment.

But what kinds of work environments need one? How could they be useful in a business?

In offices you often need to prop the fire doors open if you have people carrying heavy things through the corridors and offices. You may also want the doors opens to allow air to circulate and to equal out the air conditioning. Fire door retainers will make it quicker to run to and fro to the copy machine, board rooms, coffee machine and the filing cabinets. They’ll also be handy for your cleaners in the evening when they hoover the floors. At night, when the office is shut down the doors can be timed to close in case a fire were to break out.

Fire safety is never taken lightly in businesses such as cafés and restaurants where open flames are a daily occurrence. However, you may need to prop open those heavy fire doors to the kitchen as they can be too hefty to open for waiting staff holding plates of food who are constantly having to push through them. Eliminate the risk of letting a fire spread with a fire door retainer that will close those trusty fire doors at the first opportunity. As soon as the fire alarm is sounded the doors will automatically shut guaranteeing the safety of your staff and customers.

The safety and wellbeing of customers is always the main concern in hospitality businesses such as hotels and bed & breakfasts. They will often have customers with big and heavy luggage who would find walking to their room easier without having to push open heavy fire doors. As hotels and B&Bs have a wide range of clientele including the elderly, small children and the disabled it is important they have the fire doors open as they may find heavy doors physically difficult to open. A fire door retainer can open up rooms and corridors so that accessibility to other parts of the hotel is easier.

With an auto door to keep your walk ways and rooms clear of heavy doors and a dorgard in place, you can rest assured that not only can you easily move around your business environment without the hassle of opening big heavy doors but that you can protect against the dangerous spread of fire too.


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