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Today’s guest post examines the benefits of home automation and comes courtesy of Mark Onions:

Home automation is a game changer in the way we monitor our homes for security and there are a number of ways in which it can significantly benefit the home.

The emergence of the smart phone and 3G networks is something that allows for amazing remote access on so many levels and control of the home from anywhere around the globe. So, let’s take a more detailed look at the way home security is changing.

Camera Security
One of the more interesting additions of the last few years has been the emergence of remote viewing and remotely viewed cameras. The increasingly low price of technology allows users the chance to set up cameras around their home and remotely view them on their smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Amazingly, it’s now quite affordable to monitor a number of cameras from one app on your phone, as well as to connect to recordings of footage, control cameras and also email and send information regarding footage. Alarms can be set to show if sensors are breached and it’s a world away from an alarm box on a wall.

One of the oldest tricks in the home security book is the turning on and off of lights to simulate a person being in the home. Traditionally lights were left on when people were away. This was succeeded with lighting timers and other similar simply but quite effective technology. However, modern home automation systems allow you the opportunity to turn on and off lighting at the press of a touch screen, as well as control colour, tones and dimming of lights from anywhere on the globe.

In addition, heating can be turned on and off in a similar manner. For people worried about damp or leaking in their home, this can provide control and also peace of mind as they can now turn on and off as is required.

How about remotely controlled locks? Well, there are a number of options on the market that allow you to control your locking mechanism via your smart phone remotely. These options can be of significant benefit if you’re away and wish to allow someone home access, shows you whether a door is open or closed – giving you peace of mind. It also allows you to grant access to a friend or family members phone and the best part is that it’s simple to install and can be taken with you when you move.

These locking systems are a fantastic addition to the home and provide you with the ease of use and peace of mind that you require when dealing with your home’s security.

So, home security has been greatly improved with the advent of remote technology and is affordable, easily integratable and most of all very practical and useful.

Mark Onions is a vital cog in Europe’s number-1 home automation shop, Vesternet. Mark is keen in keeping technology simple and accessible to anyone and is often found writing how-to’s or talking about latest product releases.


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