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Saving energy in the home is on the minds of many homeowners regardless if they want to save the environment or not. Energy savings means more money in your pocket rather than shelling it out. There are many ways you can increase the efficiency of your home by using technologies developed for greener living. You don’t have to believe in saving the planet in order to live smarter. It’s just an added bonus to your own conscience if you do believe.

1. Paint and Coatings – By applying a coat of paint to your walls and ceilings that have been mixed with a thermal barrier additive, you can reduce the energy costs of your home during winter and summer months. Additives such as Insuladd and many others utilize tiny ceramic cells that redirect heat whether it is within the home or outside. This compound keeps your homes and businesses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer using less energy to power your heating and air-conditioning units.

Applying elastomeric coatings can help reduce costs as well. This roof coating uses the same principles that many thermal barrier paint additives utilizes in order to provide an energy saving method for the locale. These roof coatings can come in the form of a paste-like substance that is spread across the roof or a foam that is distributed.

2. Living Wall – Aside from the „green living“ effect a living wall provides, the science behind the concept is sound and effective. Using a form of trestle along the outside walls of your home or office, you can grow vines to provide shade and heat resistance to the structure. Plants absorb the heat and can reduce the outer temperature of the walls to 70-degrees Fahrenheit and lower. This means you spend less money trying to cool the establishment. During the winter, these same vines provide a type of windbreak that can keep the walls from becoming colder reducing your heating costs.

3. Tankless Water Heaters – In a traditional water heater, gas or electricity is used to keep water a specific temperature. Whether you use the water or not, these traditional heaters will keep the contents that same temperature. In a tankless unit, the water is heated as it is used. This means that you’re not spending money to keep the water inside of a tank hot for several days before it is used. How often do you hear the water heater kick on during the day? Every time it does, you are wasting energy.

4. Solar Panels – Although this subject may be done to death, there is quite a bit of potential behind photovoltaic energy. It is possible to reduce your power consumption to the point of actually feeding power back into the grid. When this happens, many electric companies will actually pay you for your contribution. With government subsidies and tax credits, you could possibly cut your installation costs in half.

Making your home more efficient provides better living for yourself and your family. The money you can possibly save per year in energy costs could help you afford other bills or provide a level of comfort that you haven’t felt in quite some time. These methods can save you a lot of money and create a better existence for yourself.


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