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Today we have a guest post on matching your cabinets and countertops, from Jennifer Parker:

Image retrieved by author using Creative Commons (“labeled for reuse”)Are you looking for ways to help match your cabinets with your countertops? When choosing the right style, it’s important you know which particular style you want to go for, which one suits you, and which ones best accommodates you and your family’s lifestyle.

The primary things to consider when matching your cabinets with your countertops are style and budget. Following these three steps will help point you in the right direction and help you choose that one particular style that best suits you.

1. Use your existing furniture as a reference point when beginning to look for new cabinets and countertops. Get a sense of the style you want by checking to see if it can be accentuated with your tables, chairs or dining set. This will also help when trying to decide which color scheme works best by helping you see how each potential color will correspond to your existing floors and furniture.

2. If you have younger children, you may want to choose a style of cabinets and countertops that will be easily accessible to them. By choosing cabinets that are lower to ground and allow easy access, children will be able to reach them easier. Also, be aware of how much food you plan on storing and choose cabinets that will have the appropriate storage space.

3. Because countertops are usually the most expensive, you may want to buy them first. It will also be much easier to match your cabinets to your countertops as opposed to the other way around. Think of your countertop as your main piece and your cabinets as the second. Because there’s so much customization and options involved in choosing the right countertop, be sure to choose one you know will not only coordinate with your floors and furniture, but also one you know you can add the appropriate cabinets to.

Matching your cabinets with your countertops can be difficult, but knowing which type of design you want and which one best suits your family’s need will help make the process much, much easier. Keeping these three things in mind will help put you on a direct path to choosing a style that suits you and your family best — and one you’ll be proud to show off.


Jennifer Parker is a handywoman to have around the house. She is the writer and owner of Handyman For The Home, a blog all about home improvement, renovations, interior design, and DIY decorating. She is also a freelance writer for Floor & Décor, a flooring retailer that specializes in hardwood flooring.


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