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It isn’t easy trying to sell your property, but there are things you can do that will make all the difference. Learning what sells and understanding your customer are key. But before selling your home you need to land registry phone number to check your land registry issues.

The property market certainly isn’t what it was, but it is still possible to secure a sale. Ed Mead, sales director at Douglas and Gordon, says that „The two most important factors when selling a house are presentation and price“.

House Price
Do some research to find out what comparable houses are selling for. There is no point in advertising your home for £172K when a neighbor in the exact same type of house is offering theirs for £25K less. Price sensibly, but don’t get into a price war.

Modern and Clean
People rarely have the inclination to spend countless hours decorating and cleaning their newly purchased house. The key to getting that sale is making the property look contemporary and clean. Simply cleaning the windows can make a huge initial difference.

Listen to What the Buyer Says
Before embarking upon a tour of your home, take a bit of time to talk to the buyer and find out what interests them. For example, if they have a fascination with gardening draw their attention to your amazing garden and the possibilities it has.

What if There is Still No Sale?
There are a number of things that can be done to help sell your home if you are still struggling to do so. You may need to sell because you have spotted your dream home or because you can’t afford to pay the rising mortgage rates.

Price For a Quick Sale
If you cannot sell your home within a few months, the chances are that the price is too high. Try getting a new agent and reducing the price by 10% to attract fresh interest.

House Auction
If your home is in need of modernization and you need a quick sale, you could consider placing your home in a property auction. The fee is roughly the same as an estate agent (1.5%). You are unlikely to get the amount you would have on the open market, but it can provide you with a way out if you are struggling to pay the mortgage.

Sell to Rent Back Schemes
There are a number of private companies who will buy your home for about 80% of market value and then rent it back to you. This can be useful if you have financial difficulties but want to remain in the same home.

Selling A Home Privately – No Estate Agent
Saving money selling a house without an estate agent has become increasingly popular. This is because estate agents tend to charge between 1.5% and 3.5% of the sale value. The fee can be problematic, especially if negative equity or financial difficulties exist.

Pricing A Property To Sell
Check how much similar properties have sold for in the road during the last 6 months. Nobody knows an area and how quickly houses sell better than the person living there. Whether houses sell quickly or sales are sluggish, price accordingly.Get an estate agent to come and value the house. Ask them how much they honestly think the house should be priced at to secure a sale within the next few months.

Preparing The Sales Material
Take pictures of the outside of the home on a bright, sunny day as it makes selling a home a lot easier. This will attract more visual interest. Take a picture of the front of the house and the back garden.A picture should also be taken of the living room, kitchen and the bedrooms as these are the rooms that people are most interested in.Provide an honest description of the house that entices people to come and see it. It should be factually accurate as it constitutes an offense to provide a false description.

For Sale Sign
Visit a local sign maker as they should be able to construct a sign. For personal security reasons, most private sellers tend to quote their mobile number on the ‚for sale‘ board.

The Local Paper
It is important to identify a quality, local paper when selling a house. There is always one paper that specializes in property and will be favored by the local community. Ask the estate agent where customers usually advertise as this will provide a great starting point for making that sale.

Internet Property Site
It is possible to put a very nice advert on the Internet, including a full description and multiple pictures. It will enable someone to display far more pictures than would otherwise be possible in a local newspaper. Provided that the pictures are good, it will boost interest substantially. Any queries regarding the land registry issues contact land registry number.

Accepting That Offer
A buyer comes along who is interested. This brings about the need for the services of a licensed conveyancer. Until contracts are exchanged, there is no legally binding contract. Should the buyer try to pull out after contracts have been exchanged they would have to compensate the seller 10% of the agreed sale price.

Sell And Rent Back
If selling a home is proving difficult, it is worth considering a sell and rent back. This would mean that a buyer would secure a quick house sale as a cash buyer is prepared to buy it. The seller could choose to continue living there as a tenant or simply move on.

It is possible to sell a house without an estate agent and save a lot of money in the process. It adds a bit of extra work, but consider how long it would take to earn the estate agent fee at the factory or office. It is certainly worth the effort.


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