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A guest post on going-green:

Working in the commercial contracting industry has afforded me a lot of time to spend with green materials and sustainable buildings. Most business owners who I encounter really want to save money, but they don’t think that they can do that with green technology. Since the advent of eco-friendly materials, it’s been shown that over time, solar energy, wind turbines, green household products and organic materials really save money and help the environment. Businesses have been able to take advantage of solar technology but also develop their own systems for saving water, conserving energy and preserving wildlife as much as possible. In the home, much of these same techniques can be emulated, and these are just a few businesses that prove this idea.

When you visit Las Vegas, the first thing you see is the strip. It’s a sparkling oasis in the middle of the desert. There are luxury hotels, entertainment and of course twinkling casinos. However, this town also has a ton of eco-friendly businesses that operate with less energy costs simply because of choices that they made to go green. For example, on its way to being named the “Most Eco Friendly Hotel in America” the Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort wanted to incorporate water savings as part of its mission to be a green hotel. To do so, the hotel now utilizes a drip irrigation system with moisture sensors to reduce the waste of unnecessary water to keep their lawns and gardens looking green. They also installed artificial turf grass in several outdoor areas around the hotel, which requires no watering of any kind.

At home, turf grass can be incredibly beneficial for those who want to save on water and energy bills. It stays green year-round and has only a few maintenance issues every year. In addition, drip irrigation systems are perfect for lawns and gardens of all sizes. You can use drip irrigation to water all of your landscapes in addition to collecting gray water from showers, dishwashers and washer machines to water garden.

The Three R’s include reuse, reduce and recycle. This is a mantra for anyone participating in eco-friendly building and materials. You always want to look for products that are good for the environment and also recycle what can be recycled. The ARIA Hotel is another vacation destination in Las Vegas that created a huge sorting center to recycle as much waste as possible and divert it from going to the landfill. In homes around the world, people recycle everything and also set up compost bins to eliminate food waste. Another sustainable practice that is becoming popular is up cycling. Many homeowners are taking unused and worn out items and finding a different use for them.

Everyone around the world must participate in the future of Earth in order for our species to continue. Green building and living has finally come into prominence, and it’s inspiring to see so many businesses like the new Las Vegas hotels changing their facilities to be more eco-friendly.


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