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The Muli-Purpose Home Security Camera Act

Whatever your home security needs, security camera systems provide scalability. There are do-it-yourself units, and those that require professional installation, but all are good deterrents for crime and can capture someone in the act. Some can be controlled by your computer and even your smartphone or tablet.

Most systems allow you to start out small and add cameras as need them. Companies such as can direct you to different security services to find more about what you may need for your home. Here are four benefits home security cameras provide.

1. A Feeling of Security

Security is the number one reason homeowners install cameras. Professional thieves can break into a home and leave in less than 10 minutes with your most valuable possessions. These types of thieves are rarely caught, unless the stolen property can be traced back to them. Surveillance cameras provide the best information to help police find the typical home burglar.

2. Home Monitoring

With security cameras, you can watch your home while you’re away. If you have children at home and use a sitter or nanny, you can check in on your children while you’re gone. This might be especially comforting if you are using a new nanny and want to observe how they interact with your children for a few days.

When you’re out of town, security cameras let you check in on your house. Depending on how sophisticated your set-up is, you can even control lights and check on door locks remotely. If you are alerted to severe weather in your town, security cameras allow you to watch for any storm damage to the home.

You may not want to sit in front of your computer to watch the security cameras all the time you’re out of town, so there are digital video recorder (DVR) options available, such as ones that uses a motion sensor to trigger recording. The recorder can be set up to take a series of still shots, or videotape for a specified amount of time.

3. Business Monitoring

If you run a small business out of your home, a security camera can also give you a feeling of relief when you’re away. If you run a small dog boarding business, for example, you can check on the animals while you’re out running errands. If you make custom jewelry at home, you can have a camera in your work area monitoring the precious metals and gems. Or, perhaps you’re a potter who has to store large items outside of your house. A security camera can watch for anybody disturbing your outside stock.

4. Conflict Resolution

Security cameras are a good way to settle disputes. A videotape of an accident on your property could help investigators. If someone alleges your dog bit them, your camera may prove or disprove that. You could also pick up signs of vandalism on your property.

There are many ways to use a security camera in your home. It can provide safety and comfort. It can clear up any questions about activity in the house and may be a deterrent to people who might try to break in. You can start small and work your way up to a sophisticated system as you think of more uses for it.

What are your thoughts about home security cameras? Tell us in the comments.


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