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It is no secret that houses aren’t selling very quickly these days and it can be disheartening to be a seller, especially if you need to move out quickly. There are certain steps you can take to make your home stand out from the crowd to attract viewers and once you have them through your door, get that all important offer on the table. It isn’t all about those little touches like flowers, the smell of fresh coffee and a welcoming smile, but it has to be said that every little helps!

• Choose your estate agent with care
Before putting your home on the market, spend an afternoon going round the estate agents’ windows in your local towns and see which one is the most appealing. Some of them just don’t have the knack of making homes look inviting, so cross those off your list and concentrate on those with an engaging window, friendly staff and most importantly, a vigorous internet presence are the secret behind a quick house sale.

• Get the house ready first
It is very tempting to get the board up as soon as you decide to move, but it is best to hang on and take it steady, making sure that all the little jobs are done around the house, that the garden is looking tidy and that basic tidying and decluttering are all done first. It might be that the first viewer through the door is the one who could potentially fall in love with your house, so it makes sense to be ready from the outset.

• Use another pair of eyes
Choose a friend – an honest one, who won’t be afraid to speak their mind – to visit your house as a ‘buyer’. After they have looked round, ask if, all other factors being equal such as available funds etc, they would buy. If they say ‘no’ don’t take offence, take their advice instead. The off putting bits might be relatively minor and addressing them may well make all the difference.

• Don’t spend loads of money
It may well be that with a better kitchen or bathroom your home could sell more quickly, but don’t be tempted to fit one at this stage. You will have all of the upheaval and disruption, not to mention the cost and the one you choose to fit may not be the one your potential buyer would choose anyway, so it may not have the desired effect. Just make sure that your existing kitchen and bathroom are both as squeaky clean as possible at all times and that will be ample. A nice expensive scent in the bathroom would be a nice touch, and some fresh herbs on the kitchen windowsill looks very effective and smells nice.

When all is said and done, a house has to be a home to attract buyers. It is no good making it look so impossibly trendy and clean that it looks unlived in. People are buying a home not a pile of bricks, so carry on enjoying your house while it is for sale and someone will come along who loves it too.


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