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Autor: | Freitag, 25. Mai 2012 | Kommentare (1)

We all know that asbestos is bad news. Time and again, we hear stories of asbestos exposure. Thankfully, headway is being made, but there is still far to go.

The first step, as they say, is awareness. Learn the basics about asbestos here.

From offices and warehouses to apartments and houses, any building in the UK completed before the year 2000 could potentially contain asbestos.

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Asbestos Safety

Autor: | Dienstag, 29. März 2011 | Kommentare

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material used primarily as fire-proofing and insulation in most buildings erected or renovated between the 1950s and 1980s, though any building erected before the year 2000 could contain some form of asbestos.

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